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Important Things to Know About Milk Allergies

Milk allergy is commonly found among the children. It is the immune reaction to one of the many proteins called alpha S1-casein in the cow's milk. Mostly the milk allergy is found similar in actions and reactions to the Lactose intolerance. The lactose intolerance occurs mainly due to the lack of enzyme which needs to metabolize part of milk sugar (lactose) in the intestines.

1. Cow's Milk Allergies
It is found in the study that Cow's milk can cause allergic reactions among the young children. Milk is part of eight different food-items which can cause serious food allergies in the children at very young age. Along with milk the other food-items causing allergic are eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, soy and wheat.

The cow's milk allergies among the children develop slowly over a period of time. It might take few hour or several days, depending on the health condition of the child.

The symptoms that occur during longer time are:

• Cramps around abdomen
• loose motions (mixed with blood or mucus)
• symptoms of diarrhea
• rashes over skin
• severe cough
• sinus problem
• weight loss

The symptoms of cow's milk that affect quickly - within few hours are:

• breathlessness
• nausea
• itchiness

Sometime the child faces anaphylactic shock which causes excessive swelling of the throat, low blood pressure and may suffer cardiac arrest. Immediate medical attention should be given and needed to be treated with epinephrine.

2. Rice Milk Allergies

Rice causes the least allergic reaction which is known as hypoallergenic. Most parents prefer to give rice milk instead of cow milk. But rice milk allergies are on the rise too. The symptoms of rice milk allergy are :

• Reddish skin
• Skin rashes
• itchiness
• swelling of hands and legs
• running nose

3. Almond Milk Allergies

Most of parents give the children the milk made of Tree nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews. The allergy caused by tree nut is of serious type and it can last for lifetime if not treated on time at early age.

Following are the symptoms of a tree nut milk allergy :

• burning sensation
• swelling of body parts
• vomiting sensation
• pain around abdomen
• diarrhea
• cough and cold
• heavy breathing

The children may suffer from anaphylactic reaction also.

4. Breast Milk Allergies

Breastfeeding is considered as the most preferred and the best source of nutrients for a baby. The breast milk helps in defending certain allergies. But when the mother drinks cow's milk, she transfers the enzyme alpha S1-casein from her breast milk to the child. The breast milk allergies are found among the breastfed infants. But it is found that the infants have fewer allergies and infections in the first year.

Breast milk is the best

The young children can suffer from the allergies from different types of milks offered. It is recommended that the breast milk is the best way of keeping the young children healthy and out of dangers of allergies. The doctor's advice mothers to avoid drinking cow's milk for at least six months of baby's life which can avoid the serious allergic effects.

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