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ImuPro Screen+

INTRODUCTION: ImuPro Screen + is a part ofImuPro, which is undertaken when you are experiencing a food allergy as a chronic complaint that is simply not leaving your side. The cause for such allergies is a delayed IgG food reaction. IgG food allergies always stay undetected in light of the fact that the symptoms occura couple of hours or even days after the consumption of a trigger food item, making them hard to identify

ImuPro is a diagnostic test that helps identify which food items are the cause of your chronic food allergy symptoms.

This diagnostic test for Type III delayed food allergy, ImuPro Screen⁺ provides you with an analysis of 44 exceptionally basic food items, individually. These common food items include dairy items, chicken egg and cereals. It is a basic approach to see if you may have an IgG food allergy of type III. It is a crucial allergen test kit, as it clears doubts regarding certain food items that you may be allergic to. These tests are available at reasonable rates through FMDIndia, and don't take too much time. With a few bucks and in a little time, you will be able to find out the causes for your niggling allergy issues. It is an absolutely diagnosticexamination and include all the dietary proposals otherwise recommended. The reports put forward an overview of the tested allergens to better understand the reason of your chronic allergies. ImuPro Screen⁺ is a stepping stone in the field of food allergies.

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