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Harmehar Sikka
Imupro food allergy test is an amazing way to make your health better as it teaches you about your body and the ongoing inflammations and diseases prevailing. I visited many doctors but wasn't satisfied finally i got to know about first medical diagnostics and its really a great way to get your food allergies tested and make your body better and healthier!
Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh, Sector 10A, Gurgaon
This is very good testing who save you in very beautiful new type of medical implementation without any medicine only avoid some daily habits eating very easily.

We feel very improved by those day.
Nitin Namdeo
Nitin Namdeo, Indore
If its really correct then awsme I will tell later more when i will all cure

It was nice communication with all doctors thanx to all.


Swati Kumari
Swati Kumari , Gautam Nagar
It was very good.

It is very helpful to me to improve my health issues, first of all i will request my family member to go for it.
Swati Kumari
Sunil Kumar, Jaipur
I was suffering from a chronic ailment for many years. I visited more than 50 doctors and spended a lot on medications and tests. None of them works. Finally got to know about FMD which is the only igG food allergy test centre in India. The report not only shows allergic foods but also a complete guide to alternate foods and nutritional guide. No medications are required to heal just a minor change in your diet and you are done. Please read the difference between IgE and IgG test on FMD website and make a good decision for your life. Thanks to FMD.
Swati Kumari
Priyaneet, New Delhi
Looks very promising, hope to benefit from the same.


Swati Kumari
Gunjan, New Delhi
Very Simple procedure, The team seems to be suppprtive.
Dr.Anish Musa, Patan, Gujarat
I had taken this test for myself.It is excellent and only available test which based on IGg antibodies.Most of autoimmune diseases are basically IGg antibodies based.Food antibodies has relationship with auto antibodies.

Post test counseling is excellent and given by Doctor Who are expert in this field.

People how have any kind of autoimmune diseases or chronic conditions should definitely check their antibodies against food they are eating.
Himanshu Rana, Delhi
Yes i am very Satisfied with this test.


Sunaina Bhusari, Noida
Quite surprised that iam allergic to gluten but thanks to the team for letting me know for better?? Yes definately I would ask every one to go for the test and discover the allergies they dont know about.
Sonakshi Sethia, Delhi
The report was easier to interpret for common people. Yes, i feel more and more people should be aware about it.
Abhimanyu Singh, Al Hamriya Street
Very much informative.


Kunal Singh Chhabra, New Delhi
Reality check about what is happening in your body so its a must for everyone. Very impressive system/format of working. I got to know some unbelievable food ingredients that could ever cause a problem in my body. Atleast i am aware of how to make a right choice of food now.
Kritika Seth, New Delhi
Excellent reports Have really guided me through my allergies!! Mr. Neeraj is extremely helpful and I'm v glad that I got these test done!!, I'm glad I know what my issues are and can totally relate to them!! Thx again.
Karthik M, Anna nagar, Chennai
I never thot i was allergic to so many foods. Iv never had any visible issues with any food group. Nicely detailed. Maybe. Once it works for me.


Anita Gupta, Greater Noida
It's a wonderful test ,has helped me to understand what's the right food for me to stay healthy. The entire team of IMUPRO are very helpful and efficient.
Nidhi Saluja, Noida
Got the reports timely and have trust in the credibility of the results obtained. Very supportive ImuPro India team. Easily explained. Only issue is, it's not clear what all has been included in testing for curry powder... I have been found allergic to it, but don't know what to avoid eating for this.
Priyaneet kaur, Delhi
This is very revolutionary and helpful test in the health industry and will be very helpful for those suffering from certain health issues. Excellent!


Bharath Reddy, Delhi
Good test.
Dr. Sushi Singh, Delhi
I am impressed with it's professional approach and results. Knowing the fact that a general healthy body may also have a number of allergies from a variety of food items was an eye opening experience. Certainly yes as it may help the educated lot to clarify the myths regarding prevention and cure.
Nupur Gupta, Gurgaon
Mr. Neeraj Arora was very attentive and helpful. The test looks comprehensive. I would request a vegetarian version of the test for Indian clients as half the items don't apply to us. And add more Indian items like tamarind, red kidney beans, etc which use use often. I would request a vegetarian version of the test for Indian clients as half the items don't apply to us. And add more Indian items like tamarind, red kidney beans, etc which use use often. Yes, I have already recommended the test to my family , 6 are getting it done next week.


Smita Jain, Delhi
Very helpful and informative.Very useful guide to solve your problems, Would recommend to everyone.
Gurman, Chandigarh
The test is good though would have liked more Indian food stuffs tested. The counselling is good.
Rakesh Nayyar, New Delhi
Appears to be authentic, Very comprehensive, well presented and the explanatory notes are most helpful.


Pranod Yadav, Noida
It is quite good, when you stop taking food you are diagnosed for allergy, only then you see real benefit.
Shanthi Srinivasan, Coimbatore
Very good response from the team. Test results were detailed and very helpful. Feeling so much better after eliminationg all the elevated and highly elevated foods.