First Medical Diagnostics mission is to offer Lifestyle Unique Diagnostics Test’s which can analyse the root cause of disease and symptoms. We envision ourselves as promoters of Mission Healthy Planet & Human Body. We pride ourselves in bringing about changes in lives of thousands of people through our offerings of ImuPro, NeuroSpot, MetaCheck & Histamine Intolerance Test from Germany. It’s reliable. It work’s.

A stress test: NeuroSpot

Is stress draining your battery? The NeuroSpot tests

Is your battery half or completely empty due to stress? With the NeuroSpot test, a urine and saliva sample can be used to determine the extent to which stress hormones and stress hormones are present in your body. With the test result, a possible stress level becomes visible and a doctor or naturopath can develop targeted therapy approaches with the aim of restoring your balance, combating the symptoms and avoiding stress.

How much of what? Check messenger substances, reduce stress reactions

Based on the test result, your doctor or naturopath can discuss specific therapy approaches with you. A possible therapeutic approach - as an alternative to the usual conventional measures recognized by conventional medicine - can be an individually adapted nutritional concept combined with naturopathic treatment.

Urine test with dry spot system - "dry" sample, stable values

Thanks to the patented Dry Spot system, you can easily take the sample for the NeuroSpot test in your usual environment. With DrySpot technology, the parameters to be analyzed are dried and reach our laboratory without being damaged. The dry spot technology is only available in this form from CTL and is patented by the manufacturer in Europe.

How is the NeuroSpot test performed?

We would be happy to refer you to an experienced NeuroSpot therapist in your area. He will give you comprehensive advice and hand you the sample collection set. You can easily take the sample yourself at home.

What is the test result?

Your doctor or naturopath will receive the analysis result after about 10 days.

  • The display of the measured parameters is graphically prepared and thus easy to understand for you as a patient.

  • In a detailed assessment of the findings, we specifically address your laboratory values. You not only receive "naked" laboratory values, but also an individual assessment of the findings, including recommendations for your doctor or alternative practitioner based on your laboratory values, which they will examine in individual cases.

  • Your doctor or naturopath can then discuss the therapy you want with you. A naturopathic therapeutic approach can often lead to an improvement.

  • In the case of chronic stress, individual stress management and the development of stress avoidance and stress management strategies are recommended.