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Genetics of Food Allergy and Intolerance

Allergic reaction to the foods-item is the most common medical problem that the entire world is facing today. The food allergy is mainly influenced by genetics. But there are some other reasons which have contributed to the food allergies other than genetic susceptibility.

The common seasonal allergies either makes you feel sneezy or itchy during the changing seasons. But the food allergies are the immediate reactions to the food and which are more serious in nature. It causes unhealthy body-conditions such as sweating, breathing heavily or painful swelling. In the earlier days, the occurrence of the food allergies was not as common as it is today. The number of people suffering from the food energies is increasing and particularly the children. According to the researchers the number of children suffering from food allergies has increased to 55% in the developed countries during last decade.

What are food allergies?

Why everyone is talking about the food allergies? Is the food intolerance is considered as food allergy? Before we go into the details, let us find out more about allergies? The allergies are considered as the reactions that take place in the body when the immune system of the body considers a particular substance - which has entered into the body - as harmful substance and overreacts to it. The immune system creates an enzyme immunoglobulin E (IgE) which tries to destroy the unwanted food-item completely, resulting the symptoms which are considered as the food allergies. Though the allergies are more common among the children but they can appear for any person at any age.

Even though the food allergic reaction appears suddenly but it takes longer time to develop the allergy in a person when the immune system starts building the sensitivity around the particular food-item gradually.

What causes food allergies? The food allergies are mostly genetic in nature. If your parents have certain allergies then you too will suffer from it. If anyone in your family suffers from asthma then your risk of developing asthma will be higher. Also, if you are already allergic to one-thing then there is chance that you will develop allergy for some-other thing which is of similar kind.

But genetics cannot be entirely blamed for the food allergies, because it is observed that the children living in healthy atmosphere and having well-planned diet hardly suffer from allergies.

Does food allergy is food intolerance?

The food intolerance is the part of digestive disorders which occur in form of stomach-ache or bloating which is a part of unhealthy eating habits and not because of any type of food allergy.

The difference between food allergies and food intolerances is -

• Food allergies are immediate reactions of the body to the needless food-items and the food intolerances are the symptoms occurred several hours later, after having the troublesome food.

• The person suffers from the food intolerance can have the troublesome food in a limited quantity but allergic person cannot have the allergic food at all.

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