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Testimonials Marco Koch - Germany “I can say that ImuPro really contributed to my sporting success”
Testimonials Jon and Jan D. - Australia “Jan is overjoyed after going through this last 12 months of agony and having it all suddenly resolved.”
Testimonials Toni M. - Australia “After a decade of trying to figure out what was wrong with me I was extremely excited to finally achieve the results I was after.”
Testimonials Iris F. - Germany “I was suffering from frequent migraine attacks.”
Testimonials Mrs. F.C. mum to Adrian - France “My son was covered with eczema from the age of two months and a half.”
Testimonials Rasha R. - Jordan “I was suffering from constant bloating and stomach ache.”
Testimonials Dr. Hasso T. - Germany “I have been using the test for food incompatibilities in my practice for years.”
Testimonials Wolfgang O. - Germany “I have been suffering from severe migraine attacks accompanied by vomiting, diarrhoea and sweats.”
Testimonials Mr. C.F. - France “My intestinal wall had probably become hyper-permeable.”
Testimonials Judith G. - Germany “I was suffering from constant constipation, migraine and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).”
Testimonials Eberhard F. - Germany “I have been suffering from digestive trouble (diarrhoeas, flatulence) and several allergies and skin irritations for many years.”
Testimonials Dr Nick J. B. - Australia “I was delighted to receive my results from ImuPro recently.”
Testimonials Khalil S. - Jordan “I have always had a hard time losing weight.”
Testimonials Louise M. - France “I tried just everything to lose weight. Also, I was plagued for many years with constipation, headache, bloating.”
Testimonials Annemarie V. - Germany “My colleagues tell me that I am like a different person.”
Testimonials Paul A. - UK “I have suffered with Crohn's Disease for over 20 years.”
Testimonials Gaby Z. - Germany “I have been running from doctor to doctor for very different symptoms for five years.”
Testimonials Bill J. - Australia “I have been looking for the answer to migraines since I was 13.”
Testimonials Katy, mum to Jacob, age 5 “Jacob started school in September & has always struggled with his attention & behaviour.”
Testimonials Marlen R. - Germany “I have suffered from migraine for 30 years.”
Testimonials Claire M. - UK “I have suffered from constant feelings of bloating, sudden attacks of sickness or diarrhoea, severe stomach pain and acne.”
Testimonials Thomas H. - Germany “I have suffered from migraine for years.”
Testimonials Michael C. - Ireland “I just didn't have the energy.”
Testimonials Barbara P. - Germany “I was permanently suffering from abdominal pain.”
Testimonials Warren - Australia “All of my symptoms ceased, I lost around 5 kilos and I feel great.”
Testimonials A. V. - Germany “My blood pressure had increased dramatically, I had developed chronic gastritis, suffered from feeling sick frequently, diarrhoea, colic, heartburn, mood swings and I felt tired and weak.”
Testimonials Marion B. - Germany “I have been suffering from migraines, swollen feet and hands and weight gain for years.”
Testimonials Florian C. - France “This test is a first step towards a real personalized diet.”