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Is the ImuPro – food allergy test just another unnecessary diagnostic?

Chronic complaints may be related to a number of reasons and one of them could be a food allergy or intolerance to certain foods. A food allergy is a person's immune system responding to certain foods. These food allergy symptoms can range from mild to severe which includes itchiness, vomiting, diarrhoea, hives or low blood pressure. These symptoms flare up within minutes to hours of eating the food one is allergic or intolerant to. About 4% to 8% of people have at least one food allergy and it seems to be increasing in frequency.

Therefore, it is very important to find out what is causing these allergies and complaints. A food allergy varies from person to person and sometimes could be severe. Certain foods could be responsible for an inflammatory reaction. These inflammatory reactions could be due to increased levels of antibodies. Through laboratory diagnostics, these IgG antibodies could be detected and helps in finding out a food allergy of a particular person.

Performing these allergy test and avoiding certain foods that are found to be causing a reaction has gone a long way in relieving many people from these chronic complaints. Studies have also further shown that there might be a correlation between the consumption of certain foods and chronic complaints which in turn have led to proper treatments. The ImuPro concept is based on this positive approach of diagnosing these food allergies and relieving a person from such sufferings.

The correlation between certain food intake and chronic complaints have not been scientifically proven and are still a subject of debate. The ImuPro concept allows you to enjoy the freedom from food intolerances by giving you reliable food recommendations.

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What do critics have to say about the ImuPro?

Many critics argue that allergies are very rare and that every human body produces IgG antibodies. But the fact is that critics do not really talk about the differences between antibodies and only talk about type 1 allergies that have rapid symptoms like a rash that is caused due to the release of histamine. Histamine is a natural substance that is present in many foods and is also produced by the body. Histamine is released when a patient is stressed or has an allergy to something. So, what this shows is that neither IgE acute allergies nor food allergies nor antibodies are tested for. However, when evaluating the ImuPro test the differences of types of allergies and the different antibodies have to be taken into consideration.

What does the ImuPro test for?

The ImuPro tests for antibodies – IgG-1, IgG-2, IgG-3 and IgG-4 and are prerequisites to determine if a person suffers from any food allergies and intolerance. The ImuPro test brings a significant relief to people suffering from food allergies. Using the ImuPro test helps to determine if certain eatables causes specific reactions in an individual and the results will help them take precautions and avoid the problematic foods and find suitable alternatives.