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Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Disease is a disorder caused due to the inflammation of the digestive tract by inflammation triggering substances such as IgG food allergens. IgG food allergies for which treatment has been delayed or neglected can lead to Crohn's Disease, which is an extremely painful condition.

CD commonly affects all gastro intestinal parts, but the parts that are most commonly affected are the bowel and the colon. People suffering from CD sometimes experience some symptoms drastically flare up (stomach aches, bloody diarrhea) while sometimes experienceno symptoms at all. Crohn's Disease is characterized as a chronic disease. According to a study carried out on a generic populous, it was noticed that a reduction in the symptoms was observed on the elimination of IgG food allergens, while increased symptoms were observed after eating foods loaded with IgG allergens. In order to reduce or prevent CD, it is necessary to reduce the intake of IgG foods.