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A chronic condition called obesity is characterised by rapid weight increase and a higher body fat percentage. Physically, it is incredibly exhausting, and people who are affected frequently experience psychological effects. Obesity and excess weight may be caused by metabolic illnesses. A person who is overweight or obese likely has too much body fat. The ratio of calories ingested to calories exerted varies from person to person.

Effects of excess weight

• Heart condition

• Breathlessness

• Stroke

• Arthritis \sCancer

Food hypersensitivity testing - Weight Loss

The process of excessive weight is still poorly understood. Yet, low-grade inflammatory processes have an impact on obesity. An IgG food allergy can exacerbate such inflammatory processes. ImuPro helps you identify such delayed food allergies by providing guidance that is specifically customised to you based on the findings of your tests.

ImuPro - For Weight Loss

IgG is a defence protein produced by our immune system that has the potential to identify alien objects. Finding trigger foods will be simpler with ImuPro testing. To minimise or get rid of your symptoms, ImuPro helps you modify your diet. Identifying IgG-mediated food hypersensitivity and using the ImuPro diet modification concept may be helpful for controlling excess weight.