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Inflammation of the intestines: A possible cause of various gastrointestinal complaints

There are many causes of gastrointestinal problems

Stomach pain, annoying flatulence, constant diarrhea and then again tormenting constipation? If you're struggling with these ailments, it's possible that your digestive system is out of balance. Many people suffer from abdominal pain for years, often accompanied by tiredness and exhaustion. This is very stressful for those affected, both physically and mentally, because their quality of life is significantly restricted. Medications help to control symptoms, but they don't always get rid of the symptoms. In addition to conventional medicine-recognized therapies, in particular drug-based therapies, alternative approaches to complementary medicine can also be considered, in our opinion especially when classic treatment does not help.

Possible causes are e.g. e.g.:

  • Food intolerances : non-celiac gluten intolerance, celiac disease , lactose intolerance , fructose malabsorption , histamine intolerance

  • Chronic inflammatory bowel inflammation ( Crohn's disease , ulcerative colitis)

  • Chronic Stress

  • Delayed food allergy (IgG food allergy)

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Imbalance of the intestinal flora (dysbiosis)

  • etc.

Stress and Gut Health: There's a Connection

There are more nerve cells in the entire gastrointestinal tract than in the spinal cord. It is directly connected to the brain via a nerve cord. In this context one speaks of the so-called gut-brain axis . Because the brain and intestines interact: For example, when there is a lot of psychological stress, the brain sends information to the intestines. The saying “I pee my pants with fear” describes very clearly what this coupling can do physically. Conversely, increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut), intestinal inflammation and impaired digestion can also be the result of chronic stress. A healthy gut is therefore essential for physical and mental well-being.

Intestinal complaints can also lead to changes in the stress transmitters in the body - so intestinal health also plays a central role in stress therapy . Special attention can therefore be paid to the stress transmitters . Here it is advisable to check the stress transmitter level, for example with the NeuroSpot test .

Food intolerances can lead to gastrointestinal problems

According to new, non-evidence-based findings, it is possible that food intolerances also trigger inflammatory processes that can lead to gastrointestinal problems . Here we are in the area of application of ImuPro, a complementary medical concept for food intolerance. The ImuPro website describes in detail how, in our opinion , the inflammatory processes can take place in the intestine.

You can find out more about the status of the scientific discussion here.

Targeted therapeutic approaches based on well-founded laboratory results - we focus on people

At CTL , we look at diseases comprehensively and approach them holistically and using complementary medicine. On the complex topic of intestinal health, we therefore offer various approaches with the corresponding laboratory tests, which can provide the treating doctor or naturopath with valuable information for therapy.

  • Inflammation of the bowel due to food intolerance

  • Effects of stress on gut health

  • Changes in the composition of the intestinal bacteria (dysbiosis)