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FMD India - Preventive Healthcare Diagnostics Test And Root Cause Analysis

At FMD India, we are dedicated to advancing your health and well-being through unique-edge diagnostics tests and personalized solutions. Read More

First Medical Diagnostics (FMD) is a gateway to a healthier and more vibrant life! As a proud franchise of a renowned German innovator in healthcare, we bring you a curated selection of lifestyle diagnostic tests designed to uncover the root causes of diseases and symptoms, paving the way for personalized wellness journeys.  +91- 8800929600

Discover Your Wellness Blueprint With Us

We, at FMD present a wide range of exploratory lifestyle Diagnostic Tests designed to discover the root causes of diseases and symptoms, opening the way for a journey of wellness designed and personalized for human being.

ImuPro IgG Delayed
Food Allergy Test

Delayed Food Allegies- We offer you the qualified support, individual guidance and reliable diagnostics based on comprehensive scientific evidence.

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Food Intolerance Test

A simple lab test will show you how much juice is still left in your battery - and how you can recharge
Do the test now with us!

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CoGAP MetaCheck

The CoGap metabolic analysis starts with these genetic variations. The Goal is not a run-of-the-mill generic diet, but a diet which also considers your personal Meta-types defined by CoGAP.

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IgG Delayed Food Allergy Test

PanTum Detect is Developed to detect early indications of any type of solid cancer.

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Gut Microbiome

The gut microbiome is a community of microorganisms that lives in your gut

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Histamine is an important neurotransmitter, essential for normal functioning of the brain and central nervous system.

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Explore Your Wellness Blueprint with Us

At First Medical Diagnosis (FMD), we believe that good health begins with understanding your body’s unique needs. Therefore, our comprehensive diagnostic testing goes beyond diagnostic methods and delves deeper into your complicated lifestyle to identify underlying factors that affect your well-being.

WHY CHOOSE First Medical Diagnostic?

Global Excellence

It Works

Our tests are performed with precision and expertise with German innovation. Leverage a legacy of excellent health care that extends across borders.

Full Analysis

It’s Accurate

We're not just scratching the surface. Our diagnostic tests offer comprehensive analysis, looking for connections between your lifestyle, genetics, and environment.

Individual Solution

It’s Customised

We understand that your health is as unique as your fingerprint. So, why get generalized products and services for your health? Our results empower you with personalized recommendations so that you can make meaningful choices for a healthier, happier life.

Our Partners

Having associations with reliable partners including:

  • Oncquest Laboratories Ltd.
  • Dr. Dang's Lab in New Delhi
  • Dr. B. Lal Lab
  • LifeCare Hospital in Gujarat
  • Holistic Well Being in Patna
  • Qua Nutrition
  • Millennium Cancer Centre in Gurgaon
  • MedOne in Chennai

We have strengthened FMD's reach and impact. Our partners play a significant role in personally explaining test results to patients. With the consistent dedication and commitment of our partners, we are successfully embarking on a transformative wellness adventure for our clients.


quote image The major health concerns which was becoming a challenge in my life was chronic acidity, burning sensation and also weight issues. After getting the test done, within a week the acidity problem was completely reduced and the stomach became much more stable. "SUDHA CHAKRAPANI"

quote image There were a lot of health issues such as swelling in the arms, bloating, PCOD and obesity. As soon as the elimination diet started where I excluded dairy and wheat products, the problem of bloating was resolved and the body felt much lighter. "HARDEEP KAUR"

Google Reviews

quote image When you're both doctor as well as a patient, you search for the best possible diagnostic facilities available to you. I had been suffering from gastric troubles and ImuPro came to rescue. From hassle free sample collection to timely updates, the process was smooth and above all that the results were genuine. ABHISHEK SINGHAL ABHISHEK SINGHAL

quote imageIts a great aid to detect food allergies and take corrective steps based on results to tackle obesity ,diabetes , chronic conditions like related to skin ,allergies, gut ,joints in a more outcome oriented way DR. SWATI MAHESHWARI DR. SWATI MAHESHWARI

quote image I have been struggling with bloating and heaviness In stomach for ages. I got to know about food intolerance test from a colleague, I went along with test and eliminated all inflammation causing food and I lost all the weight which was actually inflammation and my chronic body pains got better. It was a life changing experience, I understand my body much better now. TAKSHIMA SETH TAKSHIMA SETH

quote imageI recently took the food allergy test from ImuPro due stomach related issues that I had for many years now. Report pointed out mainly milk, wheat anti bodies. I had a counselling session with Neeraj, who explained how to go about my diet plan with very high level of detail, information and answered all my questions. Overall experience was great! GAURAV ARADHYA GAURAV ARADHYA