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An underlying medical disease cannot fully explain chronic fatigue, which is a complex illness characterised by chronic exhaustion that lasts for at least six months. severe weariness, erratic sleeping patterns, soreness, and other symptoms made worse by exercise are all signs of this illness.

Symptoms of Chronic fatigue

• Loss of memory

• Diminished concentration

• Incapable of remaining still

• I'm exhausted

• Persistent slumber

Nutrition - A possible trigger

The signs of chronic fatigue are influenced by diet and nutrition. Your diet may impact your ability to carry out your regular daily activities. IgG antibodies are more prevalent in those who suffer from chronic fatigue, which may be a factor in this condition. These antibodies fight different dietary substances like casein or gluten. Most chronically fatigued individuals benefit greatly from a restricted elimination diet based on IgG antibodies against food.

ImuPro - Reduction of chronic fatigue

The "ImuPro" food hypersensitivity test reveals food reactions that may be inflammatory process triggers by providing details on the correlation between IgG to food and chronic fatigue.

ImuPro is an extensive lab test for food hypersensitivity brought on by IgG antibodies. Blood samples from individuals following various diets are examined for IgG antibodies. Chronic inflammation is indicated by high antibody concentrations in specific foods.