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Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is an inflammatory skin condition that causes dry, itchy skin. Despite the fact that it can occur to anyone at any age, it typically occurs in young children. There are sporadic flare-ups of chronic atopic dermatitis. Despite the inconvenience, it is not contagious. Patients with atopic dermatitis run the risk of developing hay fever, asthma, and food allergies.

Symptoms of Atopic dermatitis

• Dry skin or cracks

• Itchiness

• Rash and swollen skin

• Raised bumps

• Oozing while crunching

How can food hypersensitivity testing help manage atopic dermatitis?

Everyone must eat in order to provide their bodies with the nutrition and energy they require to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Each person is unique, and they all have different needs. Although the specific source of this immune system issue is unknown, studies and medical professionals have speculated that some foods may exacerbate atopic dermatitis by inducing inflammation. Food allergies may contribute to atopic dermatitis, according to mounting evidence.

ImuPro - Help cure Atopic dermatitis

If you use ImuPro, you simply need to stay away from foods that are high in IgG antibodies. Thus you don't have to restrict yourself needlessly and may keep eating a healthy, diverse diet. All other fish can be eaten, however some fish, like salmon, may need to be avoided. When a certain period of time has passed since you stopped eating it, you may reintroduce one food at a time while monitoring your symptoms. You must go through the provocation step in order to identify your specific "trigger foods."