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Your airways may get smaller, swell, and produce more mucus if you have asthma. Breathing issues like coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, etc., could be a concern for you. Some people find asthma to be a minor irritation.

Symptoms of a stuffy nose

• Chest tightening Coughing

• Trouble breathing

• Speech impairment

• Nervousness or panic

How can food hypersensitivity testing help manage asthma?

The symptoms of asthma may be impacted by foods and nutrients. Your capacity to breathe easily is directly impacted by your food. Casein and gluten are two food items that people with asthma have greater levels of IgG antibodies against. The management of asthma may be aided by an exclusion diet based on IgG. The majority of people with asthma can see a significant reduction in their asthma symptoms when they follow a restricted elimination diet based on IgG antibodies against food.

ImuPro - Control Asthma

The "ImuPro" food hypersensitivity test can serve as a starting point for understanding the connection between IgG to food and asthma by enabling one to recognise reactions to the main foods that may be thought of as triggers for inflammatory processes that may be involved in the development of asthma.

Food hypersensitivity is measured by the comprehensive "ImuPro" IgG-mediated food allergy laboratory test. In the patient's blood, specific IgG antibodies to certain foods are examined.